More details have been leaked regarding LG’s first smartphone with a curved display, called the “G Flex”.


The last time we saw the G Flex, it was in a press render that didn’t reveal anything except the fact that the device will be curved on the top and bottom. However, thanks to technology journalist Frederico Ini of Telefe Noticias, we now have live pictures of the handset, along with a short hands-on video, showing off a device that’s a lot more attractive than Samsung’s Galaxy Round.

Ini confirms that the screen is a 6-inch unit, and that the phone features rear-mounted volume and power buttons similar to the LG G2. There’s a 13-megapixel camera, so LG is likely doing what Samsung has done for its first ‘flexibly display’ smartphone – take the latest flagship device, curve the screen, and call it a day.

The LG G Flex is expected to be launched in South Korea next month, and according to Ini, no international launch is currently planned. It will probably have a limited production run like the Galaxy Round, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for the second generation of curved devices before they become commonplace in the mobile market.



Via: The Verge | SourceTelefe Noticias