LG had hoped that its innovative modular smartphone, the LG G5 would have blown minds and made it a marvellous profit in 2016. Well, it didn’t. So this year, LG’s G6 will be ditching the modular design for a more conventional approach.

“It was a meaningful test for us…of course, we paid a lot”  – LG Chief Technology Officer Skott Ahn

This technology giant which manufacturers nearly everything under the sun, from fridges to TVs, is making an effort to win back its mobile customers. Although the company always had a reputation for delivering quality smartphones with its portfolio of affordable phones alongside the flagship G line smartphones, the LG G5 was a big misstep.

“We have to follow customer acceptance” – Skott Ahn

However, LG did mention that the notion of a device that comes armed with an array of accessories will not be completely abandoned. This suggests that other peripherals don’t necessarily have to be plugged into the device to be available for use.

Mr Ahn’s comments came during a big day for LG at CES 2017, which is an incredible gadget fair that will take place in Las Vegas this week. During this fair, the company showed off a huge range of products, from robotic lawn mowers to an ultra-thin W7 “wallpaper” TV.

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