LG announced that it intends to launch its first smartphone with a flexible screen in November. Meanwhile, South Korean rival manufacturer Samsung mentioned that its flexible screen device, the Galaxy Round, will be announced this week.


The South Korean manufacturers are at it again. Earlier today, it was rumored that Samsung is going to announce its first smartphone with a flexible display this week. The first device that will feature this screen will allegedly be called the Galaxy Round. Right afterward, LG has come out and said that it will launch a device with a 6-inch flexible screen in November; with the device likely going to be called the LG Z. LG stated that the 6-inch display will be made out of plastic, and that it will be bendable and unbreakable. The screen would utilize a technology called Plastic OLED (POLED). The display is also very light at just 7.2 gms, and has a thickness of 0.4 mm. LG has mentioned that early yields for the screen are going to be around the 300,000 monthly.


Minutes after LG’s announcement, Samsung announced that it will launch a device with a flexible screen this week, and that the screen size will be 5.7-inches. The screen would come with a full-HD resolution, and at 5.2 gms and a thickness of just 0.12 mm, will be lighter and thinner than LG’s curved screen. Samsung mentioned that it will be able to churn out more screens, with its monthly production set to be around 1 million units. It looks like Samsung has won the first round, but the fight is just getting started. LG might have its say in the near future.

Source: Reuters, ETNews


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