It is either the best harmless prank ever, or a painfully scripted two minute ad. In either case, it is highly entertaining to watch.

lg ultra hd 4k tv

Because of their exorbitant price-tags and lack of optimized content, 4K television displays are pretty much out of the reach of the general public at the moment. Until prices for big displays come down to sub-$1500 range, the vast majority of people in first-world countries will have to stick to watching amusing pro-4K advertisements like this one from LG.

In the video, LG employees fit an 84″ Ultra HD 4K (3840 × 2160) to mimic a large window. People are called in for a job interview, a few minutes into which they are shown a meteor striking Earth in crisp 4K. To our delight, their presumably candid reactions are shown on video before they are informed that, well, they have been had.

Source: Gizmodo