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LG releases new Cinema 3D TV monitor for sale in South Korea

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a 3D-capable television set that is so small and compact, it could also double up for use as a PC monitor? If your answer to that question is a resounding "yes", well, we got some good news for you, and it comes in the form of LG Electronics' new MX235D Cinema 3D TV monitor, which is reportedly capable of fulfilling the aforementioned need, and then some.

Now that 3D technology is fast becoming mainstream, it is hardly surprising to see manufacturers start rolling out new 3D-capable television sets and monitors as though there is no tomorrow. Unfortunately, consumers who are on the lookout for a one-size-fits-all 3D-capable device will probably find themselves disappointed, as most 3D-capable television sets are definitely too big to be used as PC monitors without causing some serious neck issues on the user's part, and 3D-capable monitors typically lack support for certain A/V jacks which are widely used by many digital appliances today.

However, it seems that users who are finding themselves caught in the aforementioned situation now have a potential solution to their needs, and it comes in the form of LG's new MX235D Cinema 3D TV monitor, which was just released for retail in South Korea yesterday.

According to the official press release posted by LG Electronics, the MX235D boasts an ultra-thin bezel which measures16.8mm and is fitted with 3D conversion chips which allow for on-the-fly conversion of digital content from 2D to 3D without the need to pass the device through additional software needed for doing so. In addition, LG has claimed that the MX235D utilizes passive 3D technology; this allows users to do away with the heavy and cumbersome battery-operated active shutter 3D glasses which have been said to have the side effect of potentially inducing dizziness among users. Add that to the fact that the MX235D's 23-inch display size is small enough to be able to double up as a PC monitor, and you have a rather decent one-size-fits-all, 3D-capable device which can shuttle between the roles of both a HDTV and a HD monitor effortlessly.

Last but definitely not least, LG has also confirmed that the MX235D television set will come equipped with various standard features such as a pair of 5W speakers, a USB port for playing back content via external storage devices, and built-in support for MP3 playback. This means that users who are planning to utilize the MX235D as a monitor due to its size can potentially make use of the device's media playback capabilities to enjoy their digital media content without even having to turn on the PC to do so.

No mention about global availability for the device has been made by LG, although you may be interested to know that the MX235D is currently available for sale in South Korea at the price of 479,000 won (approx US$445).

Source: LG Korea

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