At the IFA trade show 2010 in Berlin, Korean manufacturer LG showcased their unique sharing technology with their new Optimus 7 smartphone and other DLNA-compliant devices, with just a touch of their finger.

LG showcased their new technology at this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin, which makes sharing of multimedia files on LG’s upcoming LG Optimus 7 Android smartphone and all DLNA-compliant digital devices possible, at the touch of a finger.

This unique multimedia sharing technology that is embedded on the LG Optimus 7 allows users to enjoy content on the phone across most digital platforms with a simple finger flick. The preinstalled feature lets you send files directly from the phone’s media galleries, without having to exit another application. The phone will automatically display compatible devices in the same Wi-Fi zone and lets users flick media files to the targeted device. On top of that, users can also transfer multimedia files that are saved on their phone, including 720p HD videos, high-resolution photos and high-fidelity music files, wirelessly to their LCD TVs or home theater system.

Source: Korea Newswire