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LG Singapore Launches LG Mini (LG GD880)

SINGAPORE, May 25, 2010 – LG Electronics (LG) today launched the LG Mini (LG GD880), a new phone that accentuates its trendsetting design with a full complement of intelligent features. Its elegant and minimalistic design won it both the iF product design award and red dot award.

The LG Mini is the smallest and slimmest 3.2-inch full touchscreen phone in the market, making it the perfect handset for people who want all the communication features that today’s technology has to offer without the bulk and weight of a traditional fully-loaded handset.

LG Mini is the first phone to use LG’s HTML 5-compatible Phantom Browser, which offers a much faster and more stable internet experience. It also includes special internet applications and social network connection features that make keeping in touch with online friends easier than ever before.

Thanks to a slim, compact form factor made from the highest quality materials, the LG Mini easily slides in a shirt pocket or small handbag while still feeling reassuringly solid to the touch. Textured metal accents on the sides of the LG Mini add to the phone’s eye-catching looks without detracting from its overall simplicity. On the front, a large 3.2 inch touchscreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 extends all the way to the edge of the phone, giving it a finish that is as smooth as ice. In addition, a button-free face keeps the LG Mini simple, sleek, and uncluttered.

Maximum Mobile Web Experience
LG Mini is the first phone to offer LG’s new Phantom Browser. Built for speed using the latest Webkit standards, the Phantom Browser delivers an on-the-go web experience without any limits. Not only is Phantom faster, it is also fully compatible with today’s most popular websites. The LG Mini’s expanded memory allows for advanced multitasking; it is capable of supporting up to 10 browser windows open simultaneously.

As the first HTML 5-compatible feature phone, the LG Mini fully supports Gmail, Calendar and Google Maps, with the same functionality and speed as on a desktop PC. With improved JavaScript and Flash performance, the LG Mini provides flawless video playback from sites such as YouTube. With navigation tools such as Intelligent Zoom and Touch-to-Zoom, web pages load at a size optimized for reading on LG Mini’s screen.

Maximum Connectivity
Social network connectivity is fully integrated into LG Mini so keeping in touch with online friends and making updates on popular social networks sites including Facebook and Twitter is simpler and faster. The LG Mini also supports LG Air Sync, which wirelessly synchronizes information and data to a computer, the web and the phone. Even if the phone is misplaced, important data can still be accessed from any PC.

LG’s new On Screen Phone feature makes controlling the LG Mini even easier. The phone’s interface can be displayed on a computer screen so files can be dragged and dropped directly from the phone to a computer.

Maximum Convenience
Online applications on the LG Mini provide access to the latest information and entertainment news in real-time. Applications from BBC News and AccuWeather are pre-installed and content from partners Amazon, CNN International, The New York Times, eBay and Fox News will be available through the LG Widget Gallery. The device also plays music and movies in several popular file formats and even includes an FM radio.

The LG Mini also offers push email, 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and 7.2 Mbps HDSPA.

The LG Mini will be available in Singapore at all major telecommunications outlets from 28 May 2010 at a recommended retail price of S$568.

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