Qualcomm’s AllJoyn protocol allows you to control your TV from any device, and will be included on all LG smart TVs launching in 2014.


LG is making the move for a connected home by including Qualcomm’s AllJoyn protocol in its smart TVs beginning next year. Until now, all major manufacturers have been using their own customized OSes and utilities for connecting devices, like Sony has with DLNA. But with AllJoyn, you can control your TV from an Android or an iDevice.

Using AllJoyn will allow you to play the same game on your TV from a host of devices running Windows, iOS or Android. For the time being, LG is the only major manufacturer that has signed on for AllJoyn, but that could change next year. LG will likely debut the first set of TVs running AllJoyn next year at the CES.

While AllJoyn is limited in the features it offers today, Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm’s Interactive Platforms division, said that more features will be added to the platform next year. For instance, an AllJoyn enabled TV could show incoming call and text message notifications directly on the TV.

Source: LG