LG officials brought upon themselves a massive wave of public flak when issuing confusing statements on G2’s Android 4.4 KitKat update, but ultimately the Koreans may still prevail in the software support challenge, as they’re working on bumps for roughly a dozen old and new devices.

Android KitKat

User Agent Profile strings dug up by an anonymous but seemingly credible source close to Phone Arena prove testing is in full throttle for Optimus G and Optimus G Pro 4.4 updates. The latter, while not a great box-office success story, was always thought to be a prime KitKat candidate, since it’s basically LG’s third best handheld right now, behind the G2 and G Flex.

As for the 14 month-old Optimus G, you probably all remember the media circus from back December, when LG Estonia appeared to confirm the immediate rollout of Android 4.4, only to backtrack on the claims and, for a second there, almost quash every bit of hope for a subsequent update.


Well, rejoice, you tormented Optimus G owners, as a chocolaty OTA might still be on the way. As it might for users of the G Pad 8.3 (no surprises there), G Flex (even less unexpected), Vu 3 (no one cares), Optimus F3, F6 and F7 (now you’re talking), G Pro Lite, Optimus Vu II and Optimus L9 II. Plus, for the unannounced D315 and LS740, the latter of which is likely an entry-level Optimus F3 follow-up.

A succinct headcount pegs the number of LG gizmos waiting to take things to the next major software level at a staggering 14, and best of all, they may not have to wait very long to score KitKat, as rumor has it the vast majority will skip over both Android 4.2 and 4.3 on the way to happiness and smoothness.

It sure sounds a little too good to be true (it’s LG we’re talking about here), but hey, miracles have been known to happen… once in a blue moon.

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