LG is the latest manufacturer to launch a mini version of its handset, and will officially unveil the G2 Mini at the Mobile World Congress in ten days’ time.

G2 Mini

Following Samsung, HTC and Sony, LG is now going to launch a mini version of the LG G2. From the teaser image, it looks like the G2 Mini will retain the design of the G2, which means power and volume buttons at the back of the device. Whether the S2 Mini retains the hardware featured in the G2 is an unknown at this stage.


LG mentioned that it would unveil the device on February 24 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. At the same venue, the South Korean manufacturer is scheduled to launch its next flagship device, the LG G3. Until now, most mini versions of flagship devices featured watered-down hardware from their larger screen siblings. The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is currently the only handset that offers the same hardware as the device it is based on.

It remains to be seen whether LG will go the Samsung route and offer mid-tier hardware with the G2 Mini, or stick with Sony’s strategy. Either way, it looks like LG and other manufacturers have to launch a slew of new devices to match Samsung’s offerings. The South Korean manufacturer has been on overdrive this year as far as device launches are concerned, and is set to launch three more tablets (in addition to the five that were already launched in 2014), at least two mid-tier mobile devices, and the Galaxy S5 at the MWC.

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