Korean giant LG is hard at work to demonstrate their latest developments in the field of display technology. Among many other goodies, a special OLED display that is both unbreakable and flexible is in store.

LG has made some major advancements in display technology and are ready to show them off this week at the annual SID (Society for Information Display) show, which started on Sunday. LG will be showing off the first 5 inch OLED display that is said to be both flexible and unbreakable (well, if it is flexible you shouldn't be able to break it, right?).

Crafted for mobile displays, this 5 inch OLED panel is made of plastic and will be on display at this year's SID show. LG will also be showing off their 5 inch and 7 inch HD Oxide TFT panels, which reportedly come with a jaw-dropping 1.0 mm bezel size, enabling an almost borderless frame on smartphones. In addition, the two displays are light weight and consume less power than present products.

The Korean manufacturer will also demo a 14 inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) panel for laptops, a 55 inch OLED TV display, a 23.8 inch Ultra HD display destined for monitors and a 7 inch Full HD (1080p) display for tablets that will push pixel density north of 300 ppi.

Source: Engadget