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LG Unveils E90 Ultra-slim LED Monitor


LG has announced their new LED monitor, E90, which claims to be the company’s slimmest at 7.2mm depth. It sports a stylish external design and features LG Image Booster for enhanced image quality, especially from video streaming sites like YouTube. The E90 will be available this month in selected countries.

Today, LG introduced its new E90 monitor which claims to be the company’s slimmest LED monitor to date at just 7.2 mm thin.

Featuring 2ms response time, the E90 is optimally designed for action movies or sporting matches such that you won’t get blurred images especially when there’s fast-moving action sequences. With LG’s Image Booster software, low resolution streaming content from video sites such as YouTube are significantly enhanced to look better on the E90’s vivid display.

To maintain the monitor’s ultra-slim design, the LG places the power supply and display connector on the back of the stand; an innovation called EZ-cabling. In addition to the reduced footprint offered by its lightweight and compact size, the E90 also reduce both energy consumption – as much as 40 percent less than conventional CCFL-backlit LCD monitors – and use of hazardous materials such as halogen and mercury in its manufacturing.

The LG E90 will be available starting this month in select markets.

Source: Korea Newswire

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