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LG Vu 3 coming in September with 5.2-inch panel and Snapdragon 800 CPU?

Show of hands, who here has ever heard of the LG Optimus Vu 2? How about the first-gen device? Maybe the LG Intuition? No one? Didn’t think so. And yet a Vu 3 is reportedly in the works and due to be made official come next month’s IFA tech expo.


The thing is LG seems to hold the Vu line in the highest esteem for some reason, since rumor has it the third member of the family will ditch the Optimus branding, just like the recently unveiled G2. That means it’s considered a premium device, which may not be so terribly wrong based on the speculated specs.

Unlike its predecessors, which sport 5-inch displays, the Vu 3 is tipped to come towing a slightly larger 5.2-inch panel. The resolution will itself get boosted, from 1,024 x 768 pixels to 1,280 x 960, though I’m pretty sure a few folks will be pissed at LG’s odd decision to not go Full HD.

Furthermore, the 5.2-incher will likely retain the somewhat uncomfortable 4:3 display aspect ratio of its forefathers, so the new device might have some trouble in finding adopters, too. On the bright side, things are definitely looking up for this big guy in the hardware department, where a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC will run the show.


No words on RAM yet (fingers crossed for 2 gigs, y’all!), but we do know Android 4.3 will come pre-installed (whaaaa?), plus you’ll be getting LTE-Advanced speeds and a premium 13 MP camera slapped on the thing’s back.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit confused. Is this supposed to be a kind of quirky G2 variant with an almost identical set of features? And if so, will we be seeing physical buttons on Vu 3’s back? Even more important, won’t it cannibalize G2 sales if it’ll cost less (which it should, considering it sports a lower-res screen)? Well, we can’t do much else but wait until IFA and see.

Via [Asiae] and [Tech Kiddy]

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