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CES 2017: LG’s Impossibly Thin TV Is Thinner Than Your iPhone 7


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Just as we thought TVs couldn’t get any thinner, LG’s new OLED W7 TV is so thin, it’s thinner than your iPhone 7!

The LG W Signature Series (‘W’ for Wallpaper) pushes the boundaries with a new panel just 3.85mm thin, and a little more than 8Kgs light for the 65″ model. This is even thinner than LG’s 2016 Flagship, the G6. It may seem like an impossible feat, but in addition to using OLED technology (which does away with the standard backlighting kit most TVs require) the W7 has its processors hidden away in a separate sound bar, connected with a flat cable that handles the power and video signals. The W7 is light enough to be hung on any wall with an included wall mounting system, which uses a combination of screws and magnetics. The sound bar will be the primary connection hub with HDMIs for your media boxes and AV Receivers and will function as the proverbial ‘brain’ of the TV.

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LG OLED TVs distinguish themselves for being the only ones in the market (as of now) to support DolbyVision and HDR10 from launch. the same will apply for the W7. Compare to previous models, the OLED used in the W7 is also 25% brighter (up to 1000 nits in highlights) and covers 99 percent of the DCI colour gamut. In addition, Technicolor was consulted to help LG achieve even greater colour accuracy. Looks like with the W7,  ‘thin-ness’ wasn’t the only boundary they were pushing.

The W7 is powered by WebOS 3.5, a delightful, intuitive operating system optimised for streaming 4K and HDR content from popular apps (like Netflix) and source management. All that crunching power behind WebOS 3.5 is built into the included sound bar as well.

Image Courtesy: Techradar

In addition to being the processor and hub for all your boxes, the sound bar will also decode Dolby Atmos. However, with no separate subwoofer and surround/ceiling satellites speakers, you will likely achieve better audio performance using your own home theatre system! (If you have one already) This is where things start to get tricky. Apparently, there is no option to do away with the sound bar and use a smaller processor box instead – that big sound bar will be there whether you use it or not!

But if you don’t have a sound system yet and you’re looking to make a statement, putting on ‘Life of Pi’ on the W7 flushed against your wall will impress your sceptical friends. You’ll also need to be prepared to cough up some impressive dough. The W7 is rumoured to be even more expensive than LG’s Signature G6, last year’s flagship model. Given that the G6 costs S$13,000 at launch, I wouldn’t be surprised if the W7 hits anywhere near S$16,000 for the 65″ model when it’s sold here in Singapore.

The LG W Series is expected to be sold in stores from Q1 2017. Retails in 65″ and 77″ screen sizes. More information is available at LG’s website.

Via: Cnet

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