I tried sandwiching in my “pry tool”, a very thin flat head screwdriver and it subtly fit in between spreader and PCB. To buy some insurance for the integrity of the processor, especially the small SMD components on the back og the CPU, I squeezed the clamped processor against a sack of wet cloth so that the back doesn’t get too hot.

My sources have told me that the solder used on the IHS typically melts at around 85 degrees celcius. So I intended to bring the heat spreader up to that temperature slowly, trying to pry off IHS softly in between. I needed a way to monitor the temperature. So I used a laser pointer temperature reader:

So I started heating up the heat spreader with the hot air gun, aiming and focusing on the center of the core itself. Went to 50C, tried prying. Went to around 60C, tried prying. Went to 75C tried prying. Went to 80C, pried again. It seemed to be loosening significantly, so I pried a bit more at the edges….

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