LG will test out its custom SoC on lower-end handsets before launching it on flagship devices.

LG D830

LG was rumored to be creating its own line of SoCs, which were to be called Odin. It was theorized that the SoC would make its debut in the LG G3, but recent rumors indicate that this will not be the case even though the SoC has entered mass production.

LG will now likely launch Odin on lower-end handsets first and then move on to other devices. Odin will feature two variants, a quad-core offering that will be based on ARM’s A7 architecture and an eight-core version that will likely include the 64-bit Cortex A53 and Cortex A57 cores. Both versions will be built at TSMC on a 28 nm manufacturing process. LG was initially rumored to use stock ARM cores, but it is now believed that the manufacturer will tweak the CPU, similar to what Qualcomm does with its Krait line of CPUs.

With LG’s SoC out of the equation, it is likely that the G3 would feature Qualcomm’s hardware. The device is heavily rumored to come with a 2K screen in addition to 3 GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 along with a new flatter user interface. The G3 is set to launch sometime in the month of May.

Source: ETNews 


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