Do you remember the news about LG announcing its new line of passive 3D television sets way back during CES this year? Well, the good news is that the aforementioned television sets are no longer just display units; LG has just announced that the company plans to release the devices for sale in its domestic Korean market soon.

Do the current batch of 3D television sets making use of active shutter 3D glasses give you a nasty case of giddiness? If so, LG's latest announcement might be just the news you need to perk up your Monday, especially if you eventually plan to get a 3D television set someday. This is because the Korean electronics giant has just announced in an official press release that its new line of passive 3D television sets that were first introduced way back in this year's CES will be made available for sale in Korea soon.

According to the press release, the new LW6500 smart TVs are touted as being the solution for "the next generation" of 3D imaging as its use of passive 3D technology means that users do not have to splurge on expensive active-shutter 3D glasses. In addition, LG claims that the aforementioned glasses are responsible for various discomforts  viewers commonly experience when viewing 3D images, such as vertigo and eye fatigue. 

Furthermore, LG claims that its new LW6500 3D TVs are capable of achieving a 180-degree viewing angle, which makes it idea as a living room television.

The LW6500 line of 3D television sets will be made available for sale in Korea soon, although LG claims that early birds who purchase these TVs before the end of April will be able to enjoy "special offers" in the form of a 3D Blu-ray player and various film titles. For those who decide to pass up on the offer, the LW6500 will be available in three different display sizes: the 55-inch version will cost 4.5 million won, while the smaller 47-inch and 42-inch versions will be sold at the retail price of 3 million won and 2.3 million won respectively.

Source: LG newsroom