Highlights for PC-Q09 (A/B/R/W) & PC-Q09F (A/B/R/W)

  • Support standard Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Only 265 x 110 x 200mm in size for PC-Q09
  • One standard 2.5″ hard drive
  • One slim 5.25″ optical drive
  • One 80mm system fan at the rear
  • Support two USB 3.0 / HD audio connectors
  • External 110W AC power adapter for PC-Q09; Internal 150W power supply for PC-Q09F
  • Optional VESA mounting kit for your monitor
  • Available in four colors: black, silver, red and white


Arriving at local distributors end of September



MSRP for PC-Q09 (VAT not included):
US$169 for PC-Q09A/B (silver/black); US$179 for PC-Q09R/W (red/white)

MSRP for PC-Q09F (VAT not included):
US$129 for PC-Q09FA/B (silver/black); US$159 for PC-Q09FR (red); US$189 for PC-Q09FW (white)


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