Lian Li’s new cases, the PC-B16 and PC-A61, feature individually detachable hard drive bays and will debut at CeBIT next month.


Lian Li has two new cases that will debut at Germany’s CeBIT expo.

The PC-B16 and PC-A61 are similar in design and feature the same innards, with the PC-B16 comes with a front door that assists in reducing noise further. The highlight of these cases is a new drive cage system that allows you to remove individual 3.5-inch drive bays to make room for additional hardware. It is an elegant solution to having to remove an entire drive cage to accommodate a long video card.

Each drive bay also features retention holes for two 9.5 mm-thick 2.5-inch drives. With all the drive bays intact, you can fit in video cards of length 280 mm, and with the bays entirely out of the way, cards as long as 420 mm can be accommodated. CPU coolers as tall as 170 mm can also fit in quite easily into either chassis. As far as cooling is concerned, the case features two slots for two 120 mm fans at the front, a 120 mm fan at the back and two 140 mm exhausts at the top. A 30mm space behind the motherboard allows for efficient cable management.

Both cases measure 230 mm x 490 mm x 530 mm, and will be available in two color variants: All-black with matching interiors, and white with bare aluminium interiors.

Lian Li hasn’t mentioned any additional details yet, but is taking customer feedback on these cases. If there is a feature you would like included on either of these cases, head over to the link below and share your thoughts.

Source: Lian Li