Linus Torvalds has officially released the latest version of the Linux kernel, pushing the version number to 3.10, brings important ARM big.LITTLE support.

Linux kernel 3.10

Linus Torvalds has officially released a new version of the Linux kernel, version 3.10, which is a very important release as it brings significant new features to the table (or kernel, rather). Here’s an overview of the important new features:

  • Timerless Multi-tasking (reduces interrupt processing load on the system)
  • New Caching Implementation
  • ARM big.LITTLE Support
  • BCache (allows devices with both SSDs and HDDs to use the SSD as cache storage)
  • CPUfreq driver for improved CPU frequency handling
  • Better support for Intel Haswell processors
  • Improved frequency sensitive power-save for AMD processors
  • and more…

Of all the new features, I find the support for ARM’s big.LITTLE to have maximum impact on the world of Smartphones and tablets, especially those using Samsung’s Exynos Octa chips (currently the Galaxy S4). Perhaps Samsung might be kind enough to update the Galaxy S4 to the latest Linux kernel with the Android 5.0 release later this year (or maybe next year). This would probably make the Exynos 5 Octa a far more potent chip against the new (and powerful) Snapdragon 800.

ARM big.LITTLE linux kernel 3.10 support

Overall, the new kernel is one of the biggest releases in over the past couple of iterations, perhaps the biggest release this year. We certainly hope to see more and more features in future releases, but until then, [OEMS] please bring newer kernels to our devices…

via Tech2, Engadge | More reading: Linux Changes | Source: Linux 3.10