After almost eight years since it’s initial release, Lionhead Studios have gone back to the well with Fable.

Fable: The Lost Chapters was originally a huge RPG hit back in 2005 that spawned two sequels and an incredibly devoted fanbase. The game sold over two million copies and it looks like Lionhead are hoping to recreate those sales with an updated version being announced today.

The HD remake has been a long time coming with a sizeable chunk of their fans hoping for a remake, especially with the recent announcement of new consoles. Lionhead have been tightlipped about the situation but have today released a teaser parodying the fan response on Twitter.


The video crescendos after the multiple tweets to tell us “Jack is Back” followed by the text “For Every Choice, a Consequence…” and then the hashtag #HideTheChickens. The hashtag joke being a possible reference to the Chicken Kicking competition in the original game. The video has an Xbox 360 splash at the end, so it may not be available on PC, PS3 or next-gen consoles, but there is no official confirmation yet.

via The Media Cows