HTC One 4.3 update

While Android 4.3 is yet to be released, a leaked list of HTC devices tells us which of them might be getting the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update when the new OS is finally released. Note that as of now, we still don’t know what new Android 4.3 will bring along with it. Seeing that Google decided to stick with the Jelly Bean name and 4.x version number, this is more of an incremental update than anything major. Here’s the leaked list:


Take this list with a grain of salt

Note that the devices are slated to receive the Android 4.3 update as late as Q4 2013. That’s actually understandable considering the amount of time HTC takes to push out updates (i.e., SLOW). Their flagship smartphone of 2013 has yet to receive the 4.2.2. JB update (which really is a shame). We suspect the Desire HD to be the recently announced Desire 600.

While the list isn’t official, we find it pretty accurate. Although there’s really nothing noteworthy here, as the significance of this list (if true) will only be felt by HTC users by Q4 2013.

Source: Technos Amigos