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List of worthy Google Reader alternatives

Digg Reader

Digg Reader has not officially launched yet, but, luckily I was able to get an invite earlier than expected. It did take the folks at Digg a bit of time to create a Google Reader alternative but it’s quite similar to Google Reader and AOL reader.

Digg Reader

Apart from the basic feed subscription and reading, it allows users to connect their Facebook, Twitter and Pocket accounts with the service as well. It has a clean and simple interface with a Digg thumbs up button as well. The Digg iOS application is already live in the App Store and the Android application will be available soon.

The exact public launch date is not yet released but it looks like it may be a good alternative to Google Reader.

Check out Digg Reader

The Old Reader

The Old Reader is yet another decent alternative that looks identical to Google Reader. The application allows users to sign up using their Google or Facebook account and import feeds via OPML file. If you want, you can even sign up for an account on The Old Reader as well.


You can change the display and layout of the service as well as connect your Pocket account if you want to save articles for offline reading. You can even integrate your Facebook account with The Old Reader for sharing purposes. If you like to read news on your mobile, you will be disappointed to hear that there are no dedicated mobile apps. The interface is mobile friendly, but it cannot take the place of a mobile app.

Check out The Old Reader


This one may not be the most popular RSS service but it is quite similar to The Old Reader. However, the reason why many people may hesitate to try this out is that it’s not popular and many people cannot seem to figure out if it will stay there for long as keeping up an RSS service may not be the cheapest thing to do.


Keeping this aside, it’s a very decent RSS reader and I was using it before making a switch to AOL reader. I was pretty much satisfied with it as it’s fast, have a decent interface and allow users to import their feeds quickly. You can also change the layout, export subscriptions, integrates with different online services and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pocket and Instapaper. You can also organize your feeds in folders and tags for better access and it comes with a Google Chrome extension too. Just like The Old Reader, it doesn’t come with any dedicated mobile apps.

Check out InoReader

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