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Logitech G9x Gaming Mouse Review: With interchangeable grips and weight-tuning options


The G9x comes pre-set with three profiles; General, Gaming and Productivity. Using the Logitech software suite called "Setpoint", the profiles can be personalized with a variety of setting to choose from. Starting from the basics, there's profile naming and LED color customization for each profile. A total of five profiles can be saved onto the on-board memory so that you can use it on other PC without having to install Setpoint. The Logitech G9x has a total of nine buttons which can be fully programmable.

The Logitech G9x comes with a sensor with five fully-adjustable DPI levels which you can set from as low as 200 to a maximum of 5700 DPI. The X-Y axis sensitivity can also be adjusted independently. Setpoint gives you the option of adjusting mouse acceleration and angle-snapping whereby most gamers usually set acceleration to zero and turn off angle-snapping. The last item on the list is polling rate which can set from 125Hz to 1000Hz. You can also find the scrolling setting page for adjusting the vertical and horizontal scrolling speed. Using the Macro manager, macro can recorded easily with Setpoint simple to use interface.



The Logitech performs phenomenally in games without any jittering or skipping. The DPI buttons clearly shine when playing first-person shooter (FPS) games like Call Of Duty:Black Ops and Team Fortess 2 as you can easily lower the DPI level to get clearer shots and and raise the DPI for running around the map. Furthermore, with the side buttons, you can use for quick melee-attack and voice chat. The Logitech G9x has a clear advantage in FPS games. On real-time strategy and massive multi-player online role-playing games, the gaming mouse can be programmed with macros to assist you in casting magic or perform complex combos. The Logitech G9x is clearly designed for gaming. Even for productivity uses such as image editing on Photoshop, the DPI buttons allow users to lower the DPI level to do precision touch-ups on picture and raise the DPI for normal uses.

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