Sony PSP gamers that own an iPhone 5 will be pleased to know that Logitech may launch a PSP-like gamepad add-on for the iPhone once iOS 7 goes live later this year.

Apple is due to drop iOS 7 this fall, and with it comes support for third party controllers.  So it’s only fitting that Logitech, one of the largest manufacturers of computer-related peripherals, take a stab at developing a physical gamepad for the iPhone.

The supposed Logitech iPhone gamepad first appeared on Kotaku, and from the looks of it, the gamepad is destined to attract PSP users as it seems to have a similar design—albeit, very elongated.

Logitech won’t be the only company to step up to the plate and produce some ideal mobile gaming solutions for Apple gadgets, although it doesn’t appear as if Apple is interested in making its own gamepad for the time being.