Logitech Revue (Google TV) jailbroken, not for the faint-hearted

800px Revue advert 1 Logitech Revue (Google TV) jailbroken, not for the faint hearted


So, you got Logitech’s Google TV set-top box at home and has been tempting to jailbreak it. The time has finally come, get your soldering iron ready and find out more inside.

800px Revue advert 2 Logitech Revue (Google TV) jailbroken, not for the faint hearted

A group of hackers calling themselves GTV Hacker dev team have successfully found a way to jailbreak the Google TV, using a combination of hardware-and-software hack. The jailbreak guide requires you to open the case and modify the motherboard using a soldering iron. If you are not familiar with electronic circuitry, think twice before you decide to attempt as you could end up bricking your Logitech Revue.

The team claims that if you are successful to jailbreak, the Google TV will be able to run applications from the Android Market and stream videos from some websites. 

You think it’s worth it? Click here for the six minutes video and tutorial.

Source: Yahoo! News

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