Fancy using your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your HTPC? Logitech has released a free app that allows you to control your Mac or PC wirelessly over WiFi connection.

iPhone and iPod Touch owners: Here is a chance to turn your device into a wireless keyboard and trackpad to fulfil the “couch-potato” needs… 😛

Though Logitech isn’t the first company to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into wireless input devices, but at least its easily available now over the iTunes App Stores, and it’s FREE!

The new Touch Mouse app works over WiFi connection, allowing u to point, click, scroll, and type from anywhere in your house, in any application, for mac or PC.

If you own a HTPC in the living room, this nifty app is a great way to control your computer while you are relaxing on the couch. The app also displays text on ur iPhone or Pod Touch’s screen so you can see what you are typing without constantly shifting your eyes between the device and the TV or monitor screen.

Source: Logitech