Some new images of the alleged low-cost iPhone were found in the wild packing an ugly looking green plastic shell.

Low cost iPhone green shell

More and more evidence appearing every other day leads us to believe that the low-cost iPhone is indeed real, and is out there in the wild. Here is a new pair of images that show off the supposedly “budget” iPhone’s green plastic shell. I feel like calling it ugly but I fear of being kidnapped and tortured by iFans. Okay, I’ll just say it. Yuck, that looks ugly Apple, what were you thinking?

The low-cost iPhone will skimp on a number of things to achieve the lower price tag (must be really hard for the company), and the most apparent of them all is the design and build quality. A quick recap, the low-cost iPhone will reportedly have exchangeable back covers, a design cue undoubtedly taken from Nokia’s Lumia phones (the Lumia 620 anyone?).

Source: WeiPhone

Analyzing the leaked image further, we are happy to spot an LED flash at the back (phew). The phone specifications will obviously not be at par with the latest iPhone, but instead carry something from one or two generations ago. We’d feel lucky if we do see a dual-core SoC inside, and of course, the latest iOS 7 would literally be the highlight of such a device.

Apple is expected to launch the low-cost iPhone towards the end of 2013 in developing markets like India and Africa for an off-contract price of $329.

Source: NoWhereElse