Building a mini computer these days means going small on casing, motherboard, and even coolers. But which low profile coolers should you go for? Read on to find out…

With the increasing popularity in mini-ITX and small size HTPC casings, new cooling requirement emerges. Dependent on casing, large coolers, or even stock coolers are not able to accommodate into small profile computing.

*Above pictures courtesy of dr_disciple

Going small means adequate cooling is very vital as heat is concentrated over small spaces. And due to the size restrictions, we will need to use low profile coolers.

Today we have here 4 contenders for the Low-Profile Cooler Shootout contest.

Clockwise from the top left corner; SilverStone NT07-AM2; generic 1U Copper Heatsink for AM2; GELID Slim Silence AM2; and finally the MINIX A01. Do note that all the coolers used in the shootout are for AMD CPU.

Let’s introduce each contenders.