SK Telecom’s LTE Advanced network is set to go live by the end of this week, and there are rumours that Samsung is ready to launch the LTE Advanced version of the S4 this week.


As South Korea’s LTE Advanced network is about to go live, rumours are beginning to circulate that devices that can take advantage of the faster bandwidth are ready to be launched. The first device to be launched will most likely be the Snapdragon 800 toting variant of the Galaxy S4 that comes with LTE-A support. A Samsung executive was quoted as saying, “this product is ready and will hit the market as soon as SK Telecom’s network goes live”.

Samsung faced criticism last week from consumers in Korea over the imminent launch of the LTE-A S4 so soon after the unveiling of the original Galaxy S4. However, it looks like Samsung already has finished working on the device and is waiting for SK Telecom’s network to go live before unveiling it.

This could throw a wrench in LG’s plans, as it now has to launch the G2 flagship much earlier than its announced date of August 7th to stand any chance of contesting with the LTE-A Galaxy S4. The G2 has already been confirmed to feature Snapdragon 800.

Source: UnwiredNews