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LUXA2 ready to accessorise your iPad 2

Thermaltake's LUXA2 branding announced the pre-launch of Apple iPad 2 product line on the same day Apple revealed their upcoming iPad 2. And according to them, they're products are good to go as soon as Apple's iPad 2 go on sale.

LUXA2 might not ring any bells to most people yet, but how about Thermaltake? Yes, LUXA2 is indeed a division of Thermaltake which specialise in exquisite design with a touch of luxury. They has been manufacturing accessories for iOS devices for about 2 years and according to their press release, they are ready to spoil customers with their wide range of iPad 2 accessories.

Besides offering standard protective cases in different materials, they also have a iPad car mount and iPad stand which allows your tablet to sit upright for your hands-free reading or viewing pleasure. And according to their Director, "(they) will be ready to launch our incredible accessory line when Apple releases iPad 2,”

Source: LUXA2

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