Mavericks, the next major OS X release that’s currently in its seventh developer preview, might not make its way to the public before late October, according to a report by AllThingsD.

mac-os-x-mavericks-apple (1)

As is always the case with Apple’s OS upgrades, a consumer availability date wasn’t mentioned when Mavericks was announced back at WDDC. The latest rumors are now pointing at a release sometime in late October, well after iOS 7 seeds to the millions of iDevices around the world, the major iOS upgrade which Apple has been working tirelessly on, even shifting engineers away from OS X to focus on the company’s mobile OS instead.

It’s all speculation and hearsay at this point, though it’s possible Apple will choose to ship OS X Mavericks after its next reports earnings, something that was done with both OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion. It might also debut alongside the new Mac Pro and iMacs and MacBook Pros based on Intel’s Haswell processors, which are expected to launch this fall, similar to how iOS 7 will make their first public appearance on the new iPhones and iPads.

Source: AllThingsD