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Mac Pro 2013 release date confirmed, coming tomorrow

After endless speculation, Apple has finally confirmed the Mac Pro 2013 release date.


It was almost three years ago when Apple last made substantial changes to the Mac Pro lineup. During this time there were many rumors about the possibility of Apple abandoning the lineup altogether. However the company silenced doubters earlier this year at the WWDC when it offered a sneak peak at what it was working on, an all new Mac Pro with a radical design change. Apart from that, the computer comes with serious power under the hood that’s likely to entice quite a lot of power users.

Base models tout quadcore and six core processors, while customers will have the option to upgrade processors and memory along with internal storage. The Mac Pro 2013 supports 4K displays as well as Thunderbolt 2, so its well equipped for all the latest peripherals and ultra-high definition displays. The quadcore and six core base models cost $2,999 and $3,999 respectively, custom pricing will vary based on the options selected.

Apple has finally confirmed that Mac Pro 2013 release date. Customers can start ordering from tomorrow, Thursday, December 19. It will be available through Apple Retail Stores, the company’s online store as well as select Appler resellers. The company is also very proud of the fact that the new Mac Pro models are all assembled in the U.S.

Source: 9to5Mac

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