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Macbook Air Supplies Dwindle, Sparks Rumors Of Impending Product Refresh

Do you happen to have an entry for a Macbook Air penned down in that shopping list of yours? If so, it might be a better option to wait it out for the time being. AppleInsider has reported that stocks for the ultrathin Apple notebook are fast running out, with no signs of new inventory coming in any time soon. And we all know what this usually implies: a product refresh might be well on its way.

Do you currently have any plans to purchase a Macbook Air any time soon? If so, we would strongly recommend that you keep those dollar bills in your wallet for the time being, if the latest news regarding the Macbook Air is to be believed.

Apparently, it seems that stocks of the ultrathin notebook from Apple are fast drying up, and there are little signs of new inventory coming in to take its place.According to a report by AppleInsider, most of the Apple Authorized Resellers it tracked has reported that they have exhausted their stock of the 1.83GHz Macbook Air. In addition, some of the resellers are also claiming that their inventories of the more powerful 2.13GHz version are either low or sold out, with no new supply in sight.

Furthermore, AppleInsider has also reportedly claimed that huge retail stores like Best Buy has got word from Cuppertino that no new supplies of the notebook will be delivered for the time being. At least, not until Oct 12 through Oct 16. And such long delays in shipment of stocks usually only occur when Apple is in the midst of preparing a product refresh or update.

However, it has to be said that rumors of an impending product refresh are nothing more than that: just rumors. For all we know, Apple might just be having some supply-side issues with the Macbook Air, and no product refresh will take place at all. But until then, we will just have to wait and see.

Source: AppleInsider

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