MacBook Air Clone

A Macbook Air clone has been spotted in China, and it looks to be running Android operating system. But the most appealing factor is not the design or the OS; it is selling at an affordable US$76. Read on for the details.

Netbooks are still very much in demand, despite the growing market for tablet devices. It seems that a Macbook Air clone has been spotted online with a black finish instead of the usual Apple's aluminium body. It looks very similar to the previous generation Macbook Air and features a 10-inch display, front facing camera, 4GB flash memory and runs on AMLogic Cortex A9 processor.

This one also runs Android operating system instead of Mac OS or Windows, and claims to be able to handle web browsing, flash content and high definition videos without much issues. No details on the version of the Android OS version though.
The Macbook Air clone will also comes with a 12000mAH battery which touts a battery life of about 20 hours.However, with a price tag of just 500 yuan (or US$76), it may well be using a 1200mAh battery instead that gives three to four hours of usage.

Source: GizChina