A JAPANESE COMPANY has developed a way of exchanging heat that will use a magnetic fluid and will be used to cool down your microprocessor without needing electricity.

According to the Nikkei Business Daily, Da Vinci’s device, developed together with boffins at the University of Tokyo, will use metal alloy nanoparticles mixed with oil. The report said a hollow magnet in the piping will act like a pump to move the magnetic fluid, drawing the nano oil into the heat exchanger and drawing heat from a CPU.

The hot oil then switches to the other side of the heat exchanger where it cools down. And so it goes.

The fact it won’t need electricity means that such a heat exchanging pump can be made much smaller than ordinary heat drawing systems. The report said that such heat exchangers would be suitable for notebooks, and will cost a mere ¥1,500 when they go into mass production next year.