A province in France is becoming the testing ground for a new drone-based postal delivery service. Welcome to the future.

A French postal service is hoping to revolutionize the mail delivery service, and steal jobs from thousands of kids hoping to supplement their allowance: The postal service “La Poste Groupe” intends to use drones to deliver local newspapers.


The province of Auvergne is being tested out for the new delivery program, which will employ the well known Parrot quadricopter for the service. The testing will begin in May and will utilize 20 drones controlled by Android and iOS devices, and hopes to successfully pull off the postal service’s 7am deliveries.


There are a few hurdles to overcome however: The Parrot only has a range of 164 feet, with a battery time of 30 minutes. There’s no word as to how the La Poste Groupe plans to overcome this limitation, because there certainly wouldn’t be any point in using the drones if the mailman has to come along anyway (apart from giving the mailmen a fun way to start the day).