Xbox One FIFA

Microsoft’s invite-only Gamescom conference was a mixed bag filled with game reveals, console highlights, and teaser footage that led to some pretty interesting results. One of the major announcements during the affair was centered on one of the most popular sports franchises on the market today–FIFA.

Fútbol megastars Ruud Gullit and Freddie Ljungberg joined the stage at Microsoft’s conference, where the official announcement took place.

During the event, Xbox spokesperson Larry Hryb revealed that European gamers who pre-order an Xbox One “this holiday” will receive a free copy of FIFA 14.

This offer extends to past-made pre-orders as well, and rather than including a retail disc bundle, Microsoft apparently will be utilizing the revitalized power of Xbox LIVE’s cloud network via a full game download.

Additionally EA Sports announced that the “Legends” mode for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is coming exclusively Xbox One,  adding more incentive for devoted football fans. The FUT Legends mode packs in a ton of extras including access to legendary past footballers, giving gamers the chance to form their very own dream team from a myriad of players.

This announcement seems to fit in line with the recent rumors surrounding the possibility of Microsoft including a free game with every console, yet at this time the offer only appears to be good across Europe–which is rightly so, but that’s not to say there aren’t millions of other FIFA fans that span the globe.

The strategy will no doubt see prosperous results and gives European gamers who have already pre-ordered their Xbox Ones a nice advantage, and it will be interesting to see if Microsoft offers something similar to the rest of the world.


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