In a recent Tweet, Major Nelson–the official spokesperson for Xbox–has revealed that Microsoft's upcoming next-gen Xbox reveal will only last an hour.

The world of gaming as a whole is anticipating the reveal of Microsoft's contender in the next-gen era, the Xbox 720 (aka Durango, Xbox Infinity, Next Xbox etc.) during tomorrow's planned event.

Major Nelson, the official spokesperson for Xbox, has recently confirmed the timeframe for Microsoft's next-gen Xbox reveal in a recent Tweet:

Oddly enough, Major Nelson's one-hour claim is contrary to those made by the official Xbox Twitter account, which supposedly states the affair will last for two hours (this hasn't been confirmed, however). 

Sony's next-gen PS4 reveal event back in February wasn't incredibly sizeable, however it was followed up with venues at GDC 2013 to boot, which revealed even more details about the console.

It appears that Microsoft wants to establish the next-gen Xbox during the reveal event, with the possibility of principal showcases at this year's E3 expo to add even more details.

In any case, tomorrow's revelation will surely bring forth at least a few answers in regards to MIcrosoft's mysterious console, and may even dispel (or confirm) many of the daunting rumors that's surrounded the console for the last few months.

We'll be sure to have more coverage on the official Xbox Reveal event when it airs tomorrow on May 21, 2013 at 1PM EST / 10am PST via Xbox LIVE or the official Xbox website.