Google Nexus S

While Google’s latest Nexus S Android smartphone was recently launched in US and some parts of the world, it looks like the phone may face some problems with some telcos who are reluctant to sell the phones. The reason? The search engine giant insists on its distinctive software apps which makes its difficult for carriers (especially in Korea) to have locally-customized telecom services.

According to online sources, two major Korea telecommunication providers , SK Telecom and KT (formerly Korea Telecom) may not be marketing the new Google Nexus S Android smartphone.

A KT spokesperson said that the company has no plans to introduce the Nexus S, while SK Telecom spokeswoman said their firm is waiting for Google to change its stance in terms of overseas marketing. It will not be surprising that other countries may be offering the phone for the same reason.

The 4-inch Samsung-Google Nexus S claims to be the first to run on Android 2.3. Powered by a 1GHz CPU, the phone comes with three-axis gyroscope sensor and a smooth graphics processor that provides a lagfree gameplay. However, it does not have SD card slot or HDMI output and the battery life is average at best.

Source: Korea Times