Marriage Central

For the blissfully wedded couples, here's a must-have app for your iPhone – "Our Love Journal". The app is free to download and lets couples archive and recall their shared experiences on their phones, as well as prompt on ideal date suggestions, special anniversaries, and marriage enrichment programmes organised by Marriage Central.

Marriage Central, a non profit organisation promoting healthy marriages, has recently launched "Our Love Journal" app as part of the opening of its annual celebration of marriages called Real Love Works 2012. The app is possibly the first-ever marriage app designed for married couples. With "Our Love Journal" iPhone app, you can capture and share experiences, interests and memorable moments that you encounter in your daily life or even when on dates. All you have to do is snap your favourite moments, edit, and sync it with your loved ones. They wouldn’t have an excuse not to remember your favourite things now. The "Our Love Journal" app is available for free on the iTunes app store.

Our Love Journal Features:

– Photo filter options (i.e. Mono, vintage, cool, dreamy, candy)

– Reminder and alerts on important dates relevant to couples’ personal and married life

– Tag menu for tagging photos (i.e. Food we like, Activity we like, Events we like, Stuff we like, Places we like)

– Push functions

– Share functions via Facebook and Twitter

– Sync function from iPhone-to-iPhone

– Allows couples to sync photos and dates when on the same Wi-Fi network

– Marriage Central’s event calendar