If you are a member of MySpace, you can now carry over your likes and interests from Facebook to the formerly world’s biggest social network. MySpace now features a Facebook integration, called Mashup with Facebook, which allows users to show on their MySpace page their likes and interests from their Facebook profile, as well as stream MySpace content based on the information from Facebook.

Formerly the world’s biggest social network, MySpace, has recently redesigned their site and provided a new feature that allows users to easily carry over their likes and interests from their Facebook to MySpace page. Known as “Mashup with Facebook”, users can publish their likes and interests listed on the Facebook profile onto MySpace page, and also stream MySpace content to the page based on the Facebook information.

MySpace intends to redesign the site around entertainment, and creates a place where users can get information, share, and discuss celebrities, music, movies, and TV. In addition, the social network site has also implemented “content hubs,” where users can check out the latest entertainment news, video, and photos related to specific topics, including games, comedy, sports, and fashion.

Source: InformationWeek