When it comes to wind energy, it is always best to go big, and this 50meter-tall hexagonal wind tower in Japan does exactly that.

In the harnessing of wind power, it is best to maximize the wind capturing area of the structure. The 50 meter-tall hexagonal tower is able to capture wind coming from all directions like a giant scoop, compressing and running the fast-flowing air through a series of power generators.

The wind capturing area of this revolutionary design dwarfs that of conventional wind turbines. The designs are still at its infant stage, and will include a desalination plant and on-site energy storage facilities which employ technologies relatively new to the industry.

While the design is still conceptual, if realized, it might just be our answer to the efficient harvest of wind-energy. Zena Systems, the Japan based company behind this ambitious project has picked a location in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan for the massive project.

Source: Inhabitat