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Matrix Orbital MX424 LCD Review

Now we are going to look at the features and capabilities of the MX4. All the display features of the
LCD are powered by a software suite called LCDC.
This software is provided free with the MX4, but requires the user to register
in order to activate it. The vastness of this software is amazing! The software works with a large number of plugins
and displays the information on the LCD. It is compatible with MBM5 (Motherboard Monitor 5), WEA weather plugin, Winamp (versions 2,
3 and 5) and also FRAPS just to name
a few.

LCDC comes with a screen builder function where the user can configure
what is displayed on the LCD. The displayed images and characters
are totally customizable and LCDC comes with a few pre-saved configurations and screens
for beginners. When we first started to experiment with LCDC, we found that the
screen builder was not as easy to use as we expected. However, after some trial and error, just about any user should be able to create their own screen.

Every line and character space on the LCD can be customized
by the user. There are even custom characters and font packs for download on
the LCDC and Matrix Orbital websites. Programming the screen is very easy,
just drag and drop from the plugin menus of what you want to display and it’s all set. The screen above shows the text definitions in which LCDC uses to display information on the LCD. For example in the screenshot
– [#$ SysCPUPro] will display the processor information.

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