Here are some of the display screens which can be configured to run on the
MX4. The LCD being shown is the MX424, which is displays yellow text on a black background.
Matrix Orbital offers an assortment of other color combinations as well.

The screenshots above shows that the MX4 is very customizable
and powerful. All the above information is not manually entered, but gathered by the LCDC software suite from the PC and displayed
in real time. The email and weather plugins can be configured to gather
their information at a specific times and/or intervals. The user can then program the GPO LEDs to alert
them when a new email arrives or when temperatures are above their set threshold.

The Winamp plugin is compatible with Winamp versions 2, 3 and
5. The output screens are displayed only when Winamp is active, which
means a blank Winamp output screen will not be displayed unless Winamp is playing an audio or video file.

My personal favorite is the FRAPS plugin. This plugin utilizes FRAPS to display the framerate
of DirectX/OpenGL games or video files. Using this plugin is especially cool when gaming or benchmarking by allowing the user to show off their PC’s performance to spectators.