Max Payne looking all nasty with the final shots on his final target

The game is a third-person shooter at heart and ever since Rockstar has taken over its development from Remedy, it strangely feels a lot like Grand Theft Auto, but only more refined and with better graphics. You have a distinctive choice of weapons in the game but are only able to carry two side-arms and one two-handed weapon. Should you choose to dual-wield, be prepared to forgo one of your larger, more powerful weapon. In some situations, you might regret not having certain weapons, like a sniper rifle to take out another annoying sniper.

Needless to say, we have Max’s signature move to hopefully alleviate that problem of being at a disadvantage at any given point of time – Bullet Time and Shoot Dodge. The special moves are easy to pick up and will help you in the most intense firefights and any sticky situation. Need to take out a guy on the roof with a pistol? No problem. Just go into Bullet Time or Shoot Dodge out of cover ala Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fatt style, and during that period where everything is slow, nicely put your cursor over your targets head and cap it nicely. You get points for looking cool too. If you want to feel like a bad-ass, there is always the occasional gas tank to pop and explode. When enemies are crawling you might want to take advantage of your environment to help thin the pack. It appears there would always be something explosive lying around conveniently for you to shoot at. Once again, go into Bullet Time or Shoot Dodge and shoot at something that explodes for manliness points. This is a violent game. A very violent game.

This is how Max Payne rolls when he's "Shoot Dodging"