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Max Payne 3 Xbox 360 Game Review

Cool guys don't look back at explosions.

The game’s kill camera is also another reason to attest to its violence. It tracks the final bullet on the last target in the room and you get to see it up-close and whizzing straight into your final target with blood splattering everywhere. The single-player campaign takes a good 10 to 12 hours to complete and when you are done, you’ll unlock a myriad of game modes to try. These modes have achievements for you to unlock and some might reward you with a snazzy skin to use during multiplayer. One of the more interesting modes would be the New York Minute. You’re given only one minute to complete each stage and you earn time by killing guys. The more you kill the more time you have to complete the stage. What a good way to cause some panic anxiety.

By far, this is Rockstar’s most gorgeous-looking game. Looking at Max Payne’s character model alone, you’ll see the detailed creases on his clothes, the fine lines of hair and other tiny details that no one would usually bother. This goes the same for the other characters in the game. What’s also more amazing is the amount of detail that have been put into the environment. This is especially true during one scene where a huge fire breaks out. I’d compare it to the same scene in Uncharted 3 where Nathan and Sully are trying to escape from a burning building. Take note this is only the Xbox 360 version of Max Payne 3 and it’s that good.

Audio in the game seems to do a good job at driving the mood of the game. When you’re in Brazil having a good time the tunes of upbeat latin beats fill the air and when you’re in a firefight the tune changes into something more grisly. Voice-acting is fantastic in the game and makes you wonder if all Rockstar games were ever like this.

Remember to look where you "Shoot Dodge", sometimes you could fall off a building.

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