If you are looking to buy a DVD or VCD player in the near future, make sure you try this player before you make a decision. It is one of the few Divx player you can find in the Singapore market today. Remember to check out the VR-Zone special offer for this player. More details in the “Conclusion”.

It has not been long since we last review a standalone DIVX player. Special thanks to Jackie and Cedric of Zen Technology Pte Ltd, we are able to review this product.For more information of the manufacturer, please go to Mecotek’s Product Page. Should you want to take a closer look at the product, you can hop on down to Zentech’s office at Burlington Square (next to Sim Lim Square).

In recent months, we have been awed and impressed by the new age digital video players we can find in the market today. Ranging from HDD-based video recorders to DIVX players, these new devices has really added a whole new level to our home entertainment experience. Divx has moved on from the computer into your living room and shows promising signs that it might one day be the standard for the digital entertainment industry.

Mecotek MK-X4000 Package Contents (Click to Enlarge)

Package Contents

This is what you will get when you open up the box:

  • the player (not surprising)
  • the remote control
  • the composite video cable
  • the 2 channel audio cable
  • the SCART to composite video and audio cable
  • the user manuals in English, German and Italian.
  • the local warranty cards