First Run

After installing the machine next onto my television, i was ready to run it for the first time. I must say the setup part was really easy. This is how the start up screen looks like.

Startup Screenshot (Click to Enlarge)

Flashing of New Firmware

Before I actually went into testing the MK-X4000, I was told that a firmware upgrade was available on the website . I downloaded it, unzipped it and found 4 files – 3 instruction files of different format and the ISO file of the firmware which is about 5Mb. I promptly burn the ISO file into CD and followed the instruction to flash the firmware.

FIRMWARE Flashing …. (Click to Enlarge)

One very important to note after flashing is that the default language is in GERMAN.
Not a big obstacle as the instructions include to set the language back to ENGLISH is included :

1. Turn on the X4000 (Do not load any disc)
2. Press UP button for 2 times
3. Press DOWN button 2 times
4. Press RIGHT button 1 time
5. Press LEFT button 1 time
6. Press 0(zero) button for region free (You can set region code from 1 to 6 just press the right number instead on 0)
7. Press ENTER button to confirm.
8. Restart the player.

This really brought back fond memories where I used to input such similar sequence into the Nintendo console for the game “Contra / Delta Force” to unlock the 30 lives cheat. Voila, after the special combo, everything on-screen was back to english again.

Main Menu

Main Menu (Click to Enlarge)

As you can see from the main menu, the system allows us to playback Audio, Video, Pictures. It also supports playlist for audio tracks.

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