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Medal of Honor: Warfighter PC Game Review

The FPS season is back in full swing, and that means a new Medal of Honor game. Is Warfighter worth enlisting for, or should you go AWOL?

In 2010, Medal of Honor's modern reboot held up fairly well amidst the competition from it's big rival, Call of Duty. As such, it's no big surprise that a new game has been in the works for quite some time, and it's finally been released. Medal of Honor: Warfighter understands that innovation is the key to remaining relevant, and anyone growing bored with Call of Duty will find little features here and there which set Warfighter apart from the competition. It is still fairly standard as military shooters go, but if that's a genre you enjoy, it should not be entirely overlooked.


Note that I will be making a lot of comparisons with the Call of Duty franchise. This is because CoD is the "industry standard"; it's what more or less all of the military shooters either hope to be, or hope to defeat. Thus, comparing Warfighter with CoD is absolutely relevant.



As with most of today's military shooters, the story is mostly a side note; an excuse to go shoot at stuff. In this case, it jumps between the personal life of Preacher, a special forces soldier from the previous game, and a globetrotting hunt to disassemble a terrorist network.

The story revolving Preacher's personal life though, is one example of where Medal of Honor tries to be different. While most military shooters focus the story entirely around the mission and the people involved, Warfighter attempts to also dive into the personal life of the soldiers, in particular focusing on how Preacher's life as a special forces operative has driven a rift between him and his family. Unfortunately, it doesn't explore this concept far enough, and the cutscenes which deal with it are void of any real emotional moments. Add to this, that his ogre-like wife and daughter live in the uncanny valley, which is anything but pleasant to look at; sorry Preacher.


Preacher's wife. Kill it with fire!

The latter part of the story follows the standard formula: cutscenes between missions explain how the protagonists follow lead after lead, going after weapons shipments, and following terrorist leaders. We've already played this story line in every military shooter since 2004, so there's really nothing to say about it.

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